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Brantingham Builders

Brantingham Builders

Brantingham Builders Inc. is a family owned and operated custom home building company that has been operating locally for over 40 years. Paul and Susan Brantingham, along with several of their children have been serving Hardin County and surrounding areas by providing the highest quality custom homes, covering every step of the process from conception to completion. With a CAAD Certified Drafter and an experienced Interior Designer on staff, they are able to meet all your needs in one place.


Brantingham Builders live out their motto as A Family Building for Families; Paul is the General Manager and owner, Susan is the Office Manager and their on-staff children include Michael (Job-site Manager and CAAD Certified Drafter), Rachel (Client Relationship Manager and Interior Designer) and Susanna (Assistant Client Relationship Manager). Together, they are a team that is passionate, creative, motivated and ready to help you bring the home of your dreams to a reality. They go out of their way to ensure their clients receive the best services such as custom design that focuses on a low maintenance lifestyle, affordable elegance and energy efficiency.

Paul Brantingham, Registered Builder

Michael Brantingham, Registered Builder

Address: P.O. Box 2171

Elizabethtown, KY 42702-2171

Phone: 270-765-5045

Fax: 270-765-5045

Email: kybuilders@gmail .com


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